Based on abandoned buildings — Ancoats, Manchester, England.
7 Boarded up windows, displaying 7 posters, stating No Fly Posters.

49 Creatives re-imagined the concept of No Fly Posters
in quad size format, replacing the original 7 with 7 rounds,
with an additional round commisioned for OFFSET 2014. / curated by Jon Bland.

Round 7

Haw-lin HelloMe Empre Kasper-Florio Sophie Farrar Daniel Eatock Martin Bland


Richard Turley Marina Willer, Pentagram Mother Milton Glaser Maser Chris Judge Jon Burgerman

Round 6

Adrian Shaughnessy Stefan Sagmeister & Jon Bland Nous Vous karlssonwilker The Entente Almasty Print & Paste #3 — Dave Sedgwick

Round 5

Wim Crouwel SAVWO, Steve Hockett, DR.ME & Jon Bland James Joyce Pascal Anson Anthony Burrill Zoran Lucić Atlas

Round 4

James Victore Jon Bland & Rory Clark Hey Spin Fanette Mellier Jack Featherstone Erik Brandt

Round 3

Hort Nick Blakeman & Jon Bland Studio Moross A Practice for Everyday Life Mike Perry Print & Paste #2 — Nick Chaffe KesselsKramer

Round 2

Build DR.ME Aaron Skipper & Jon Bland Volume2a Print & Paste #1 — Micah Purnell The Print Project Catalogue

Round 1

Matt Keers Neal Fletcher Ross Francis James Somerfield Abby Hambleton Jon Bland MSTR Gringo

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